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The Year in Brokerage Management

December 27, 2018
Every other week we post the summary of an article from Real Estate Broker’s Insider. Over the course of the year we’ve covered everything from agent recruitment to new business models to avoiding lawsuits. To wrap up the year, we’re highlighting five of our favorite posts. Timely and informative, they showcase some of the most creative…To read more — login/sign up


Instant Sale Programs Expand

October 18, 2018
Zillow says its home-flipping program is "doing great" — so much so that it will launch its Zillow Offers home-buying program in Denver and Atlanta this fall. Meanwhile, Redfin is expanding Redfin Now, its program for buying properties directly from sellers. And NRT’s Coldwell Banker brand will be launching its own iBuyer service called cataLIST Cash…To read more — login/sign up


Realtor Income Dips

September 6, 2018
Reflecting tight inventories that are slowing sales volumes, the median gross income of Realtors fell to $39,800 in 2017, a decrease from $42,500 in 2016. Realtors handled a median of 11 transactions in 2017, down from 12 deals in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors’ annual Member Profile. Realtors spent a median of…To read more — login/sign up


Tech-Savvy Agents Will Prosper

August 16, 2018 President David Mele says agents aren’t going away any time soon. But he predicts agents who don’t embrace technology are in danger. Mele puts a new twist on the long-standing fear that real estate agents could go the way of travel agents. That hasn’t happened, but he sees tech-savvy agents prospering and others disappearing.…To read more — login/sign up