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Tracking CEO Compensation

June 21, 2018
The nation’s 70 largest Realtor organizations collected $672 million in revenue in 2016, and they paid their CEOs nearly $24 million. That’s according to Real Estate Broker’s Insider’s analysis of tax returns filed by national, state, and regional associations. Most organizations’ 2016 returns were made public during the first quarter of 2018. Real Estate Broker’s Insider analyzed…To read more — login/sign up


Tech-savvy Brokerage Embraces Big Data

May 24, 2018
"We empower our clients with more data, more information, things they can’t find anywhere else," says David Walker co-founder of TripleMint. Since launching in 2013, the tech-driven brokerage has raised millions in venture capital and posted impressive growth. The 60-agent brokerage raised $7 million from investors. Much of that TripleMint has spent on a proprietary…To read more — login/sign up


Brokers Experiment with Cryptocurrency

May 10, 2018
With Bitcoin and other forms of virtual money grabbing headlines, Tampa broker Kenny Hayslett aims to stay on top of the cryptocurrency curve. Hayslett, broker-owner of the 75-agent RE/MAX Action First, says his company has listed 10 properties for sellers willing to accept payment in Bitcoin. And Hayslett already has brokered two small deals for…To read more — login/sign up


Commissions Inching Downward? Splits Growing Less Favorable? You’re Not Alone

April 12, 2018
Get ready for even more bidding wars: As the U.S. real estate market enters its spring buying season, the supply-and-demand equation is characterized by tight supply (rock-bottom inventories) and strong demand (in the form of robust job growth). Those ingredients combine to nearly guarantee that many bidders will lose out on homes. But there are…To read more — login/sign up


New Capital Flows into Real Estate Industry at Dizzying Pace

March 3, 2018
Venture capital, that smart money traditionally earmarked for Silicon Valley tech startups, has begun flooding into the residential real estate industry. The obvious question: What will become of all that cash? Will the disruptive upstarts raising venture capital manage to topple the industry’s established players? Or will they flame out as the hot business models…To read more — login/sign up