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Broker to Broker brings together over 70 successful broker/owners and managers to share fresh ideas, tested wisdom, and industry expertise on brokerage management.

Organized into three sections covering operations, people, and risk, each article addresses the challenges owners and managers face every day: maintaining a healthy bottom line, recruiting and retaining top performers, getting the most out of technology investments, staying on top of legal trends, and planning for the future.

This isn’t a book about management theory but a collection of hard-won advice from successful brokerage professionals. Each article originally appeared in the “For Brokers” section of Realtor Magazine.

Use this valuable collection as a reference tool, a guide to new ideas and tactics, an inspiration for your own set of custom practices, and a source of valuable professional information.

Broker to Broker is a truly unique resource for professional brokers written by the people who really know — brokers themselves.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Bringing Management Best Practices to You


  1. Finances
    • Boosting Your Bottom Line
    • Taking Control of Your Accounting
    • Preparing for a Financial Turn for the Worst
    • Calculating Associate Compensation — The New Rules
  2. Operations
    • Running Multi-Office Loan and Title Companies
    • Growing without Adding Staff
    • Disaster-Proofing Your Brokerage
    • Dealing with a New Competitor
    • Go Commercial — and Help Your Residential Business
  3. Marketing
    • Increasing Foot Traffic through Your Door
    • Winning the Publicity Game
    • Handling Negative PR
    • Getting the Most Bang for Your Ad Buck
  4. Planning
    • Growing Your Business
    • Scenario Planning: Take Your Future in Hand
    • Business Models: New Approaches to Profitability
    • Business Models: Full-Service vs. Limited-Service
  5. Technology
    • Helping Associates Work Better, Faster, Smarter
    • Spinning Returns from Your Investment
    • Supporting Your Systems without Spending a Lot
    • Unplugging Your Associates
  6. Ideas for You (A Look at What Your Competition Is Doing)
    • Starting Up in a Big Rival’s Backyard
    • Providing Liquidity to Net Customers
    • Adding Home Styling to Your Services
    • Catering to City Dwellers on a Country Purchase
    • Making Downtown Revitalization a Niche
    • Tapping Technology for That Whizbang Effect
    • Attracting Clients through a Blend of Business and Art
    • Learning from the “Fixer-Upper” Franchise
    • Building a Big Following in a Small Town
    • Serving the Hispanic Investor
    • What the Timeshare Niche Is All About
    • Working with Others to Leverage Buying Power
    • Making Your Storefront Interactive
    • The Next Level for Apartment Locator Services


  1. Recruiting and Retention
    • Shrink Your Washout Rate
    • Attracting and Keeping the Best
    • Why Associates Work Where They Do
    • Behavioral Testing: Hire Recruits That Fit In
    • Inclusionary Recruiting: Brightest under the Rainbow
    • Four Steps to Rookie Success
  2. Health and Safety
    • Work-Life Balance: Got Health?
    • Keeping Associates Attuned to Safety
    • Know Sexual Harassment When You See It
    • Helping Associates Cope with Personal Crises
    • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  3. Office Environment and Associate Motivation
    • Office Design That Keeps Associates on Top
    • Adapting to Life with Gen X
    • What Career Means to Generation X
    • Now Comes Generation Y
    • Keeping Rivalries in Check
    • Training Associates to Succeed
    • Managers That Sell: When to Stay in the Game
  4. Ideas for You (A Look at What Your Competition Is Doing)
    • Offering Annuities to Spur Recruitment
    • Complementing Traditional Associates with Salaried Division
    • Paying Salaries, Charging Fees
    • Freeing New Associates from Pressure of Selling Fast
    • Letting Associates Take a Company Equity Stake
    • Motivating Associates through Personalization
    • Training Associates to a T


  1. Legal
    • Living with Litigation
    • Addressing Top Legal Concerns
    • Test Your Antitrust Knowledge
    • Heading Off Privacy Complaints
    • Understanding Internet Copyright Law
    • Know How to Give Legal Testimony
    • Fair Treatment in Dual Agency
    • Using the REALTOR® Trademark Correctly
    • Avoiding a Breach: Fiduciary Duties Clarified
    • Commission Rules for Departing Associates
    • Employment Law: Who’s Exempt?
  2. Risk Management
    • Avoiding Pitfalls
    • Proper Documentation Keeps You out of Legal Trouble
    • Improving Customer Service
    • Lowering E&O Premiums through Customer Service
    • The Right Amount of E&O Insurance
    • Making Dispute Resolution Work
    • How to Handle Multiple Offers
    • Upholding the Standard of Care
    • What to Know about Synthetic Stucco
    • What to Know about Stigmatized Properties
    • What to Know about Mold Liability Risks
    • Protecting Your Name against Identity Thieves
    • Knowing Loan Fraud
    • Understanding Buyer Rep Lead-Paint Disclosure Duty
    • Liability for What You Don’t See

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Subject Index

About the Editor

Robert Freedman is the director of multimedia communications at NAR.


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