Building a Magnetic Culture


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Too many brokers fall into the trap of luring agents solely by offering attractive commission splits. The problem is, if an agent comes to your firm because she’ll save a few hundred bucks on splits, she’s likely to leave when your competitor offers an even sweeter deal. Instead, you need to create a culture that will attract and retain the best agents.

Building a Magnetic Culture explains what engages and motivates people and how to create an environment in which they can thrive. Drawing on years of research and real-world examples from his consulting experience, author Kevin Sheridan gives you the strategies and tactics you need to transform your company by creating and sustaining a magnetic culture.

Providing benchmarking and best practices, as well as interviews with executives and human resources professionals at companies that boast the highest levels of employee engagement, Sheridan outlines an easy-to-follow plan that:

  • Attracts the most talented people — and retains them
  • Makes employees feel they are part of the value that their organization creates
  • Increases employee engagement and drives productivity
  • Boosts creativity and problem solving.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a magnetic culture and what are the bottom line benefits of employee engagement?
  2. Engagement is a two-way street: eight steps for creating an environment of shared engagement
  3. The top 10 engagement drivers
  4. Recruiting: the foundation of a magnetic culture
  5. Overcoming demagnetizers: compensation and other challenges for managers
  6. Do not ignore diversity
  7. Engagement trends
  8. Taking action toward engagement
  9. Conclusion: the ultimate summit, engagement

About the Author

Kevin Sheridan has spent thirty years as a high-level human capital management consultant. He has helped some of the world’s largest corporations break down detrimental processes and rebuild a culture that fosters productive engagement.


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