The Big Book of Real Estate Ads


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346-pages, CD-ROM.

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In The Big Book of Real Estate Ads authors William and Bradley Pivar provide 1001 high-quality, readily adaptable ads that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your own classified or online advertising.

The book begins with an introduction to writing ads. This includes important do’s and don’ts and a Fair Housing Advertising Word and Phrase List to assist you in complying with state and federal fair housing laws.

The introduction is followed by sample ads in 36 categories, including fixer-upper, holiday, luxury, small, open house, and more. In addition to these 1001 sample ads, the final section called the Ad Generator, lists over 300 types of homes, home features, and amenities with descriptive language which you can use to create your own ads.

For example, under the heading “air-conditioning,” you’ll find alternate descriptive phrases such as “climate-controlled living” and “central air for those sultry days ahead.” You’ll also find suggested headlines, such as “Beat the Heat,” and “A Hot Deal — A Cool House,” and many more.

Complementing the sample ads and Ad Generator is a CD-ROM, which includes the full text of all 1001 ads shown in the book. You’ll use the sample ads, Ad Generator, and CD-ROM to create successful ads for traditional print media and online.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding classified advertising
  2. The Internet and other multimedia
    approaches to classified ads
  3. Acreage (undeveloped)
  4. Astrological signs
  5. Birds, pets, and other animals
  6. Condominiums and cooperatives
  7. Failed sales
  8. Financing
  9. Fixer-uppers
  10. Furnished homes
  11. Gardens, landscaping, and trees
  12. Holidays
  13. Homes, acreage
  14. Homes, bargains
  15. Homes, family
  16. Homes, general
  17. Homes, large
  18. Homes, low-price
  19. Homes, luxury
  20. Homes, new
  21. Homes, old
  22. Homes, small
  23. Horse property
  24. Investment/Income property
  25. Location
  26. Lots
  27. Mobile homes
  28. Negative ads
  29. Open house
  30. Owner (present, former)
  31. Privacy
  32. Sports
  33. Swimming pools
  34. Time-shares
  35. Vacation homes
  36. View
  37. Water-related property
  38. Ad generator
  39. Index


Read Chapter 1: Understanding Classified Advertising

About the Author

William H. Pivar and Bradley A. Pivar have written more than 30 real estate books.


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